Welcome to IOWA-HPC Lab

We are the High-Performance Computing (HPC) system group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Iowa. Our mission is to advance the performance and reliability of the next generation HPC systems for large-scale machine learning, scientific computing, and data mining applications through compiler, program analysis, and AI-directed approaches. The University of Iowa is ranked #34th in the United States based on CSRankings in the area of HPC.

We are always looking for passionate and self-motivated Postdocs, PhD, and MS students to join the team (more info) !



14. April 2022

Our paper is accepted at ICS'22. Congratulations to Shihui.

16. November 2021

Two papers are accepted at PPoPP'22 as poster papers. Congratulations to Yafan and Shihui!

18. August 2021

Welcome our new PhD students Shihui and Yihua!

17. August 2021

Welcome our new PhD students Hasan and Yafan!

22. June 2021

One paper is accepted at SC'21. The work was done in collaboration with Baidu USA. Congratulations to Hasan!

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